Located in the heart of down town Park Rapids, Minnesota, the former armory building was originally constructed in 1922. It served the National Guard for seventy years as an armory, training, and maintenance facility. When the unit was upgraded to a mechanized infantry regiment in 1941, an addition was added as part a Works Projects Administration project to house vehicles. At 24,000 square feet, the armory is still today one of the most prominent features of the downtown commercial district in Park Rapids.

When it was in operation the armory was also served the community as overflow classrooms for the bourgeoning middle school and hosted athletic competitions as well as a wide variety of community events in the 8,000 square foot auditorium.

The Park Rapids armory was closed in 1992 as part of a state wide consolidation of eleven guard units. It remained vacant and unused for two decades untiI 2009, when Echopoint Design & Development LLC started the costly and challenging process of an adaptive redevelopment plan. The goal is to restore the armory to what it once was, a center for community activities, education, arts, and cultural expression for the community of Park Rapids.

Although Echopoint Design & Development LLC provided the design inspiration for the project and is the primary developer for reuse of this historic site, the redevelopment project has been and will continue to be very much a community based effort.